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"After it was all over I also remember puking."

Haha! I guess that sums it up. Actually I had fun at this party. Screw Cool World!

And by "this party" I mean Woopy's Playground. I was at the Woopy Ball too, which was amazing. I totally remember Moonpup DJing. Well, I didn't know it was him but I do remember that "Shut the fuck up bitch, you can't sing" trick.

ahhh the good old days..i remember woopy's playground well...as well as i can at this old age..haha

Wow !! what do you say about the WOOPY BALL !! It has to go down as one of my FAVORITE weekends in my life not to mention get a 5 star rating and a top 10 place of my all time parties from LA, SF, London, and all over europe, (Including Glastonbury festival some 10 times, the Big Chill festival yearly from 96-07, and the famous Gilligan's Island 15 hour event on Catalina Isle in LA in 1991. So i remember being there with my lovely GF of the time Crysse Oswald.... We arrived and we decided to go our own ways and meet whenever and wherever during the event...... I recall how cool it was to talk on computers to other people at the party in another room.... To be honest some of the parties I DJ'd (and still have the flyers to prove i was actually there LOL) are a blur to me..... and i dont even remember them (due to my swiss cheese brain LOL), but WOOPY BALL was a highlight of my amazing (albeit it a brief) 4 year tenure in SF and the bay area before I move to London and continued my journey there as a "west coast break beat DJ in the then up and coming big beat scene that was flourishing in London, England at the time (1996). I remember Noah as if it was last week.... what a sweet guy !!! as genuine as they come !!! I remember playing a set that was received extremely well and being hailed as a WOOPY BALL family member almost instantly....... I remember how huge the party was and meeting so many new DJ friends and ravers alike..... I was on top of the world and was hopeful my decision to move from LA to SF was a good decision. It was for a few years, but i will say I never reached the level of DJ fame that many others found, (Doc Martin, Garth, Jeno, Thomas, Spun, Rick Preston, Ernie Munson, Carlos, Dutch, Harry Who, etc... But that was due to my own lack of DJ experience and mixing style as I was playing anything they were playing.... It wasnt till my England days (96-07) that I discovered a style of mixing and music that can define me today..... gone is the 1992 hard techno sound I copied from DJ's like Doc Martin, Michael Cook & Jon Williams, gone is the happy funky house sound I tried to copy from Jeno, Garth and Thomas in 92-96, but after years of influence and experience, what developed is a funky mix of progressive house, break beats, triphop, chillout, mashups and downright juicy funk that I still spin in NY from time to time...... If the WOPPY BALL ever did a 20 or 25 year anniversary Id be first in line and last one to leave !!! without a doubt the best party i ever attended or DJ'd at in the bay area !!!!! Lots of love to all those who were there or were in any way involved and MUCH respect and HUGS to my long lost friend Noah !!!! Thank you for such a happy memory (what I can remember of it !!!) LOL !! DJ Moonpup (@)(@)

I will scan in some of the flyers and post them if its cool.

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